We worked with T-Stix from the inception of its patented delivery system. We created the packaging for 13 different flavors, sales presentations, trade show design, product sheets, distributor sheets, brand guidelines, website, corporate identity, promotions and promotional materials and many other B2B and B2C facing marketing and sales materials. 

T-stix challenges the conventional use of a tea bag as the main delivery system and package for tea. While it is unlikely that T-stix will completely replace tea bags – what Tstix does offer is an alternative to them. Many people don’t like tea – simply because they don’t like tea bags – the strings, tags, drips, sogginess, the mess, and particularly the cleaning up after use!

People want cleanliness in their home, office and when they’re with friends. Tstix lets them enjoy a cup of tea – and do it with style, without the hassles. Tea can be fun and simple to use.

Just “give it a stir” to the color and flavor of your liking and when you’re finished, Tstix sit cleanly on a saucer or napkin – and still look good.