Website design development solution for a robotic bar in the Miracle Mile Shops
ClientRobotic Innovations

The Tipsy Robot

The Tipsy Robot is a one-of-a-kind revolutionary Las Vegas bar attraction with wow factor. Robotic arms perfectly create your drink you design from our app. Robots twist, shake and even dance while creating your beverage. Sharing your experience is easy with a state-of-the-art instagram photo booth we designed with incredible backgrounds.

The Robots the real actors of the bar are robots from iconic KUKA Robotic Corporation of Germany, one of the world’s leading suppliers of robot technology and system engineering, founded in 1889. The Tipsy Robot systems are customizable and can have two, three or even more robotic arms operating independently of one another.

At the heart of the installation is the automated bar integrated into a futuristic designed platform which contains all of the required traditional bar systems and utilities. The core structure integrates the versatility of robots with different typologies, along with liquid dispensing systems, garnishes, ice dispensers and all other functions needed to prepare world class cocktails.

We worked closely with the team to create the venue name, logo, venue barricade graphics for hiding the bar during construction, color conceptual renderings for the business facade, website, digital signage, exterior venue signage, kiosk app menu backgrounds, photo booth background designs, interior signage, business presentation pitch deck, brand guidelines, apparel, custom robot novelty mug, social media channels and initial social media graphics and channel setups, gift cards, business cards, promotional video, sponsorship deck, email signatures, corporate letterhead and more.    

We hope that in the future, the branded experience will be more “robot centric” with characters (Professor Sir Drinksalot) to guide customers through the experience of ordering a drink, purchasing novelty items and then capturing their moment of excitement in the green screen photo booth and sharing in on social media.