Experiential Markting

There’s a lot to be said for face-to-face interactions, especially when an experiential marketing agency has targeted the right people in the right place. Creating an atmosphere for consumers to positively connect with a brand–whether through influencer marketing, road shows, in store marketing, street teams, business-to-business tours, event marketing or advertainment, can turn a friendly passerby into a loyal brand advocate.
The Experience

Event Marketing

Like every good event, mobile marketing is all about the experience. It goes beyond bringing products to consumers, and instead brings brands to life in relevant, exciting ways. Before experiential campaigns hit the streets, they start with a focus on the target consumer. 


Swanson Design Group starts every event marketing campaign with a deep dive into the target consumer. We use industry-leading research and social media listening tools to identify their social habits, purchase decisions and day-to-day activities. This allows us to highlight:

  • Where we can intersect your target consumer?
  • What type of engagement activities will excite them?
  • What stage of the path-to-purchase they’ll be in when we engage them?
  • What type of follow up communication will be most effective?

Then, a cross-discipline team develops an engaging, memorable brand experience and a corresponding logistical plan that brings your brand to the right people at the right time.


  • Hiring and training promotional brand ambassadors
  • Identifying key markets and a tour schedule
  • Developing brand-centric events
  • Establishing brand presence at existing events
  • On-campus / On-Location marketing


Consumer focus

Interactive Event Marketing

Mobile marketing once meant a branded bus, and interactive advertising agencies focused on face-to-face consumer engagement. Those days have changed. Experiential marketing has evolved, too–while digital marketing changes on a daily basis. With the proliferation of mobile technology and saturation of Smartphone usage, maintaining a focus on the consumer–also known as the user or the event attendee–is key. 


A consumer-centric approach allows us to tailor the interactive components of experiential programs to the target consumer:

  • How do they want to engage with you?
  • How do they want to keep in touch with you?
  • What networks do they use? Which ones are good for pre-promotion?
  • Follow up and on-site engagement?


One of the many benefits of bringing together experiential and social marketing is geo-targeting to build event awareness. Whether through teasers and buzz-builders, VIP exclusives, or straightforward invitations, social media marketing can be an efficient way to recruit highly targeted consumers to experiential marketing events.


Sure, technology should be fun, but it should also have a purpose. If our objective is awareness, we make sure on-site experiences are easy to share via social media. If our objective is sales, we connect them with e-commerce or a mobile coupon, right there on site.


One of the biggest success stories of a great experience is a high-level of interest after the actual event. Whether it’s an event photo gallery, a contest with great prizes or a ‘behind the scenes’ video, post-event interaction offers the opportunity to extend the value of your investment —as well as to spark long-term relationships with consumers.


In-Store Marketing

Perhaps the most powerful time to reach your target consumer is while they’re at shelf, just moments away from a purchase. And experiential marketing offers the chance for brands to connect with consumers face-to-face. So when in-store marketing meets experiential marketing, you get an unrivaled opportunity for conversations. 


The key to any successful campaign, especially one that begins and ends at retail, is a focus on the target consumer. So we begin by discovering how these consumers shop, such as:

  • What do they consider helpful in store?
  • How are they using their mobile devices while they shop?
  • Does social interaction play a factor in their purchasing decisions?


To execute a successful in-store marketing campaign, Brandtopia Group must impact business objectives. For that reason, we develop programs based on trackable key performance indicators (or KPIs), which allow us to not only evaluate overall performance but also to optimize the program while it is in progress.


With an engaging experience, inspiring creative and a strategic plan developed with KPIs in mind, we’re able to create an impactful in-store experience for consumers that could include several of these services:

  • Point-of-Sale signage and displays
  • Retail Entertainment
  • Sampling
  • Mobile marketing
  • Kiosks and in-store technology


Trying is believing


Where advertising piques interest and informs consumers, sampling is the key to conversion. Why? Simply put, trying is believing.


Before we can put a sample in their hands (or in their mouths), we have to understand who our target consumers are. So we begin with a deep dive. We learn about their demographics, psychographics, media usage and more, to answer questions like:

  • What are their day-to-day activities?
  • How are they using social media?
  • Where are they talking about brands?
  • How do they make purchasing decisions?

Once that data has been collected, Brandtopia Group uses it to determine how we’ll deliver the samples (so that we know it will be impactful) as well as when and where (to ensure it’s at the right time, to the right people). Then, we identify key performance indicators (or KPIs) that align with your business objectives, to ensure that every aspect of the sampling program delivers on overall goals.


Sampling can be an important and powerful component of a robust promotional mix and is often a key aspect of experiential campaigns, such as:

  • In-store marketing
  • Shopping mall marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Mobile tours
  • Street team marketing

Our Creative Agency Services Include:

  • Advertising Campaign Development and Management
  • Branding Campaign Design, Development and Management
  • Web Site Design and Content Management
  • Search Engine Optimization Services
  • Social Media Management Services
  • E-mail Marketing Services
  • Video and Animation Design and Production
  • Marketing Collateral Design and Production
  • Trade Show Display Design, Production and Logistics
  • Product Packaging Design and Development

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