ClientRex Center

Dinosaur Cafe & Rex Center

The competitive landscape in Las Vegas for themed venues is fierce. We worked with the Rex Center in a somewhat of a limited capacity to provide a range of various graphics and conceptual ideas to enhance the customer experience. Sights, sounds and smells are all very important to carry away a customer to another place. The artwork shown on the top left was a conceptual photoshop sketch created over the initial venue construction just after the drywall was installed. 

When you think “T-Rex” or “Dinosaur” the visuals and sounds are things that conjure up so many things. Obviously these concepts can cost a lot of money to execute but we were able to provide a number of elements to remind customers of the dinosaur themed children’s entertainment center that features Laser Tag, Mini Golf, Wall Climbing, Go Karts, and a great little restaurant called the “Dinosaur Cafe”. 

The Rex Center is located in the Las Vegas Boulevard mall. We are hopeful that the venue will continue to enhance the customer branded experience over time to be a memorable entertainment destination for children. 

We created the restaurant venue logo, illustrated logo concepts, digital menu boards, venue signage, vinyl wraps and displays for the digital check-in kiosks, printed menu cards, printed promotional cards, pizza boxes, branded food plates, digital promotional signage, wrist bands, billboards, vinyl promotional signage, advertising graphics used on Pandora a few other items.