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Publishing design, mainly Book and Magazine Publishing can be overwhelming for some but we make it easy for our clients. Whether you’re just wanting to publish your first book, or you want to start a magazine, we can help you achieve that.

Over the years, Craig Swanson served as Creative Director of numerous magazine publications such as Creative Child Magazine, Brentwood Magazine, Home Business Magazine, Automotive Street Style and Health & Fitness Journal. At one point, we were publishing 8 magazines every 2 months and managing over 250 advertisers for our clients. We were able to create incredible efficiencies in design and production with the economies of scale wile reducing costs for out clients while increasing profitability for our design agency utilizing a small talented team.

Book publishing is an important aspect of our agency and although we don’t get these projects very often, they are very rewarding. We assist our clients with copywriting, proofing, layout & design, illustration & photography until we produce the finished product utilizing print-to-order companies. We’ve can also help you sell and marketing your book on such websites as Amazon.

We also create and publish various games that we design. To view some of the games that we have designed and published, see Game Packaging & Design