Consumer product packaging design for nutritional supplements
Consumer product packaging design for fruit juice
Consumer product packaging design for candles
Consumer product packaging design for personal care products
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Consumer Product Packaging Design

Consumer product packaging design, as a graphic design and branding discipline, is an industry in itself. We have helped companies create packaging from the inception of an idea and helped them all the way to market. We start by determining the audience and then work backwards from there. This often involves creating the identity and logo as well as the entire graphic vocabulary that carries throughout their marketing materials, sales materials, advertising campaigns, website, corporate identity, trade shows, business presentations, shelf talkers, coupons, and everything else. 

Sometimes clients come to us because their packaging is dated. More often than not, we not only update their packaging but all of their branding. 

We are very carful to be on-point with everything since their packaging needs to speak with clarity and simplicity, be authentic and honest and have an impact on the shelf or wherever it is sold. 

We have created packaging for:

  • Food Products
  • Beverage Products
  • Skin Care
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Candles
  • Entertainment Packaging
  • Consumer Electronic Products
  • Fragrance Brands
  • Games
  • Toys and Leisure Products

For more samples of our designs, toggle through the images on the “Our Work” page. See also: Our Entertainment Packaging