Brand Identity & Development

Brand Identity & Development

Brands, like people, engage those who share something deeper in common. They’re not differentiated by what they do, but instead by why they do it. That’s what ties consumers to brands. They view them as extensions of themselves…hence the deep importance of branding.
From the Beginning

Mind Reading

We start in the mind of your consumer and figure out what makes them tick. Using insights into their patterns and behaviors, we form a product branding strategy that is rooted in the thoughts of your consumers. This lays the foundation for the rest of the branding process.

After we learn who your consumer is, we figure out how your brand can speak their language. Meaningful design, memorable logos and clever headlines each add depth to the tone of your brand’s voice, but these are just small parts of the planning and creation of the message communicated by a brand marketing agency. Our goal, for example, is not to learn that your consumers are “35 to 50-year-old females with children.” Instead, our goal to find out what life is like as a soccer mom, and how your product can be part of it.

Our Definition

What is Brand Identity

When all these pieces come together, your brand identity is the result. It’s unique, yet familiar. It’s complex, yet simple. It’s hard to define, but easy to see when it’s done right.

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